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A letter for Her
written on Monday, February 12, 2018 @ 10:26 AM ∞ 0 candies

I must admit, it still hurts even its been a few months. The hardest part was looking at our pictures and reminiscing the sweet events and memories behind those photographs but then to realise that was all fake. You betrayed me. All these while, I thought you were my friend. In fact, you were one of my best friends. A friendship I never asked for anything in return except for honesty. Sadly, you were fake. You were so good in acting that I actually believed it was real. I felt betrayed when I knew you talked bad things about me. Behind my back. I still feel betrayed. I do miss you when I came across our pictures in my laptop. Our pictures with our other friends. Most of my memories studying abroad includes you. I do miss our late night craziness with our assignments, listening to our fav songs and go crazy over things we both like. But its too late now, everything has changed. I lost a friend I didn't expect to lose and it did hurt like hell.

The sad part is, you made it look like you are the one who is hurting, you are the one who was stabbed in the back and you're the one that was betrayed and I hate you for that. I know most of your friends see me as the bad one when you started the issue first. I guess that was the reason why I lost you. You weren't the friend I thought I needed.

End of sorrows
written on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 @ 1:18 AM ∞ 1 candies

The world needs to stop spinning, not literally but theoretically. It is already 2018. I'm turning twenty-two this year, its my final year of my degree, not to forget my parents are getting old and I have to start adult-ing. No, seriously I need a pause. Everything has been moving so fast it is like someone hijacked my life and changed to speed gear. I need to slow down, handle everything at my phase. 2018 is like a different year for me. Exactly the first week of January, my grandfather passed away because of cancer. I cried when I knew he had cancer and I was thousands miles away from home and cried even more when my mum called me crying telling me he's gone. & I cried too many times that during his funeral I tried to swallow down all of my sorrows and my heart was at my throat the whole time. I didn't want to cry in front of everyone else. I needed to show them I'm strong & I'll be alright even though I know deep down, that wasn't true. Two weeks had passed and I know I'll be okay. Whatever happens, life must go on. The beginning of 2018 was kinda hard for me and my family but I'm keen to know what's in store for me; for the rest of the year. I hope they're good ones, no more sorrows and no more heartbreaks; just happiness, laughters and smiles. Whatever it is, I've learnt that all of the downs in my life has made me what I am today, and in the future, I hope a better one. tots! xx

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