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The lizard-brain
written on Saturday, January 16, 2016 @ 12:16 AM ∞ 0 candies

Have you ever felt like.....everyone is watching you? Wait, no. That is not the right word to describe.  Judging. Yep, that's the perfect word for it. So, have you ever felt like everyone is judging you? For instance, in the sense of the way you dress up, the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you laugh or the way your emotions change from one to another real quick. Have you ever wondered what's in their head?  Could it ever be like 'Ew, she is so gross'  'Bluergh what is she doing here?' 'Oh no not her again. I hate the way she talks'? or. well so on.

Well, I've always wondered if there's a group of people out there who despise me. Or worst, they pretend to be my friend, being exposed to my flaws and use them against me. Oh wow, that is the most terrible someone could have ever done. To be honest,  I'm always insecure about what people think of me, what are their first expressions and so on.  Scary thoughts such as 'do they judge/imitate me without me knowing it', 'do they really like me being around them' or even 'do they compliment me (honestly) or they do it because they hate me'. Okay, to sum up, I'm complicated. My lizard-brain is being too sensitive sometimes and made me come up with those negative thoughts. Blame me for having a lizard-brain.

P/s; lizard-brain is a part of your brain that triggers you to do something (mostly negative thoughts)
p/p/s: I got that term from 'Finding Audrey' novel. You should read it! bye.

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