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Down Under
written on Friday, April 22, 2016 @ 7:15 AM ∞ 0 candies

Its been 2 months. Guess what? I miss my family. Can't wait to see them this coming July! No, don't get me wrong, I'm happy here. It's like I've stepped into a new life, new surroundings and stuffs. Yes, I love my life here living with my friends but I do miss my family back home. I miss them so much. For the past several nights I had dreams where I will wake up at home or going out with mum and sis like we used to every weekends. Yes its sadddddd. Well, most importantly, I miss the food back in Malaysia!!! Its hard to search for halal food here. Um well its not that hard but yeah Malaysian food is limited and also quite pricey.

Its Autumn now and the weather here is unpredictable. Its like hot today and its going to be freezing the next day. I love to see dried leaves turning yellow/ red and fall all over the ground especially in the Uni. Well don't get me started, my Uni looks like Hogwarts. Yes try imagine Hogwarts surrounded by trees during Autumn. The best part is, there are plenty of beaches here! Most of them are beautiful and the good thing is, there's ice cream everywhere! Adelaide is a nice place to be if you are not into busy cities but if you're into beaches, ice cream, churros, hiking, sailing, dolphins, shopping and picnic, its the best place to be.

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