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Fate is real
written on Sunday, July 9, 2017 @ 9:18 AM ∞ 0 candies

I think its fate. Have you ever felt like if the younger version of you would witness what you've become or what you've been through, will s/he be proud of you? It is like when you stumble upon something you've kept in a long time, (which you don't even quite recall having it) you felt as if you've succeed. As if you're proud of yourself. As if you are able to happily check out on important component off your wish list. Well, I didn't know what was in me when I searched my storage box and came across a bunch of old pieces of newspaper that I kept when I was 15 years old. Confused, I was going to throw them away in the garbage section then my eye caught these twelve words. And. I. Nearly. Cried. "Justin Bieber". Yep, thats it. Looks like those pieces of newspaper were about the Justin Bieber's My World Tour - Malaysia back in April 2011 which I didn't get the opportunity to see him sing live. For the first time. I couldn't go as my parents thought that I was too young to attend a concert so that night, I spent my time under the study table in my bedroom, with my radio on, listening to the live version of young Justin singing live. That was when I first heard his new single "Next to you" and I fell in love, and I still do now. A few days after that, I collected newspaper sections of his concert and kept them in a box for remembrance.

Flashback six years later, here I am, in Etihad Stadium, being one of thousands of beliebers in the crowd, cheering, screaming and singing Justin Bieber's lyrics off our hearts while he's on the stage, right in front of me. singing. At that moment, I know he's real. He's only a few metres away from me. This can't be real. It is so good to be true. My sad-15 year-old would be so proud of me. Its been so long, Justin. I liked you since I was 13. It has been like what, nine years?  Damn, thats a whole another level of being a belieber. Right now, here I am, reminiscing those precious moments all over again.


Thanks for that night, Justin. Thanks for bringing Purpose Tour to Melbourne.

Thanks for making one of  my dreams come true.

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